A word of warning: This page does NOT contain walk-throughs, game maps or any kind of cheat, code or general lameness that would spoil the game's raw genius.

I bought this game the afternoon it was released here (May 1999) and after the initial 'WOW' that everybody mutters after playing this, I have to say I was pretty disappointed. Even though it is on 2 CDs (one for Claire, one for Leon) and contains 6 missions (Hunk and Tofu) it was too short! When I first completed Resident Evil, it took me a total time close to 5 and a ½ hours and Nemesis took even longer!! Getting the secrets was cool though, and I love Gatling Gun! Its just so much fun chopping zombies in half with it. Ok, so you can't actually do that in the game, but that is what would happen.

Claire Redfield
"The sister of Chris Redfield, who has apparently gone to Europe in pursuit of Umbrella arrives in Raccoon in search of him, unaware he has already left. She finds out when Leon find Chris' diary on his desk in the police station." Claire is one tough chick, she gets crappy guns (crossbow anybody? Nope, didn't think so) but gets to play with the Grenade Launcher! She's a biker too, although her bike gets lost when she first meets Leon.

Leon S. Kennedy
"The young rookie cop on his way to the Raccoon City Police Department after graduating from Police Training, there a welcoming party was to await him. Things didn't turn out as planned. He meets Claire after protecting her from an oncoming zombie in a local eatery." What they mean is, he's got girly hair but its good with guns. Leon gets the choice weapons (shotgun, magnum, custom handgun) and has it easier than poor old Claire.

Ada Wong
"Fiancée to the aspiring researcher John who was infected by the T-Virus in Resident Evil. Ada encounters Leon accidentally in the RPD parking garage. Leon and Ada, as different as they may be, seem to make sparks together, and will eventually lead to tragedy." Dodgy cow if ever there was one, I don't trust her much (and not just because I know what happens) She's not properly dressed for a stint in a zombie-filled city too.

Ben Bertolucci
"The muck raking reporter for the local paper has found very incriminating evidence about Umbrella and the RPD, unfortunately he ran into trouble and was jailed on petty charges. He acts obnoxious and his stubbornness will be his untimely fate." This guy is a pratt. He gets his just deserts though. Some people don't deserve to get saved, and Ben is one of them. Pratt.

Brian Irons
"The egotistical chief of the RPD and art aficionado. Irons recently gave up his hobby of taxidermy and has been acting very strange as of late. What could he be hiding?" What is the lardy police chief up to? I think he fancies Claire... but who knows? Hahahaha

Sherry Birkin
"The 12 year old daughter of the Birkins, Sherry is very insecure and has had to live independently for the majority of her life. Found in the police station by Claire, Sherry is hesitant to trust anyone and she always feels something is following her." Y'know what is following her? Her shadow. When Claire saves her I just wished she hadn't. This girl is a pain in the arse. When you are more than 2 paces ahead of her, she sits down! What a great plan for survival!! I've gotta remember that next time I am in the same situation!

Dr. William Birkin
"Independent Researcher and Astute Microbiologist, a genius in his own. Dr. Birkin took Umbrella's prized creation, the T-Virus, and made it obsolete with his new G-Virus. However, Umbrella - not going to be out done so easily- dispatch troops to confiscate this new virus. Birkin refuses to give it up and is shot multiple times in the process. Knowing the cellular regeneration properties in his new virus but unaware of the violent side effects, Birkin injects himself full of the unstable virus and becomes a monstrous killing machine on a mission of reproduction." When you meet the Birkin mutant, you know who da man is. And its not Leon.

Annette Birkin
"Emotionless wife of William, Annette goes on her own after William runs from his lab after injecting the virus into his body. Knowing now that her husband is nothing more than a monster she becomes indifferent to anybody, even her daughter." Hmmm... bitch anybody?

Tyrant 00
"After returning to the Police Station in an alternate scenario, the silent night sky is shattered with the whirling blades of a helicopter that is carrying a massive load of tanks. One of the tanks falls from the passing copter and hisses open, releasing the unstoppable Tyrant - 00 into the Police Station. After a thunderous crash through the concrete ceiling, Tyrant is shot multiple times and rendered unconscious for the time being, but is far from dead. Be prepared from now on, because not even the walls will separate him from killing you." More refined than the original tyrant, he wears a cool trench coat now. But what will it take to stop him? A big fuck-off Rocket Launcher maybe? In RE2, he replaces Barry as my second favourite character

The texts inside the quotation marks are taken from Resident Evil Online.