Who is responsible for this madness??

Licheloathe? Maybe... lol

A page about the author, how original I hear you cry. Well cry to somebody who cares. I want to make a page about myself so I am going to make a page about myself. At a first glance, you might think this is just a little egotistical of me to make a whole 2k page all about myself... and to some extent you are right *lol*. But the aim of this page is to give you some insight into my madness so that one day I might get some help!

Where should I start? Hmm... baby pictures? Oh God no. A little about myself prehaps? Here goes...

Ich Uber Mich (All about me, that's in German)

My real name isn't Licheloathe [L-itch-loathe] for a start, its Tom. I took my name from a series of books by Brian Lumley called Necroscope and Vampire World. Nestor Licheloathe was my favourite Wamphyri Lord (vampire lord), but I do not want to spoil any plot lines so you'll just have to read the books yourself! I live in a tiny village in the South East of England called Ridgewood. I am 17 years old and about 6'2. I have thick dark hair and "intense" dark eyes. I have a brother called Joe and a step brother called Ross (isn't this great? A whole load of rubbish you didn't want to know! *lol*). I am a creative type, but don't let put you off. I am also quite obsessive about things. I passed all 10 of my GCSE exams in the summer of '99 and got 4 A's too. My revision technique (NOT recommended) was to play Quake 2 and start a clan (SW) so I have no idea how I pulled off those marks! J;)
I have slightly odd heroes in life, namely Michael Caine (he's da man) and Dave Grohl. Michael Caine because he is a great actor and he was so damn cool in 'Get Carter' and Dave Grohl for continuing with his music after Kurt Cobain [Nirvana] shot himself (took guts in my opinion).
I enjoy writing although I do not publish my work.

Hobbies and Interests?

Did you not look at my site on the way here? *lol* Well if you didn't, my interests and hobbies are web-design, music, cow tipping, computers games and all that junk, wrestling (watching it on TV, no smutty jokes thank you... that's my department) and well, socialising!
My real interest, the one that I enjoy most is... yup yu guessed it! My girlfriend Misha!! My favourite band is the
Foo Fighters(!) and I have a large selection of obscure and rare Foo mp3s and videos on my computer at the moment as well as CDs and all that. I also like KoRn, the Fun Lovin' Criminals, Bush, Skunk Anansie, Stabbing Westward, Nirvana and oh, the list is lengthy but you get the gist of what I like.
Computer games wise, I like a mixed bag really. I like Quake 1 & 2, but think that Quake 3 Arena had so little longevity that its not even funny. Shame really... I love the first 2 Monkey Island games and they will always have a place in my collection. I started playing M. I. 1 on my old Amiga 500+ which was change screen, change disk, change screen, change disk, but it was all fun! I like all those games by LucasArts, Day of the Tentacle, Sam 'N' Max, Full Throttle (a little easy that one).
I also love the Resident Evil games, 1 & 3 more than 2 though. RE2 was just too damn short even though it was on 2 CDs and had 6 missions. I also really enjoyed Silent Hill, that was great. I am great fan of the Street Fighter and Tekken games. Oh yeah, and I really enjoyed Final Fantasy VII and VIII.

Favourite Quotes:

"Electronic information tampers with your soul"
"Vae Victues" - Kain: Legacy of Kain
"The blood is the life..." - Dracula: Dracula
"Kudos my hero" - My Hero: Foo Fighters
"Oh well, whatever, nevermind" - Smells Like Teen Spirit: Nirvana
"Just call me Squinky" Guybrush Threepwood: The Secret of Monkey Island


Countless Quake 2 game skins
This odd web-site
SW's club site (
A few Quake 3 Arena game skins
My Mini-Mod "Save SW"
Cow Tip 2K (Flash game)
Monkeys + Gin (JavaScript game)
A few
Real JukeBox skins
A bunch of other crap

Favourite Web-sites:

BIOHAZARDextreme (Resident Evil site)