Who is responsible for this madness??


A page about the author, how original I hear you cry. Well cry to somebody who cares. I want to make a page about myself so I am going to make a page about myself. At a first glance, you might think this is just a little egotistical of me to make a whole 2k page all about myself... and to some extent you are right *lol*. But the aim of this page is to give you some insight into my madness so that one day I might get some help!

Where should I start? Hmm... baby pictures? Oh God no. A little about myself prehaps? Here goes...

Ich Uber Mich (All about me, that's in German)

My real name isn't Licheloathe [L-itch-loathe] for a start, its Tom. I took my name from a series of books by Brian Lumley called Necroscope and Vampire World. Nestor Licheloathe was my favourite Wamphyri Lord (vampire lord), but I do not want to spoil any plot lines so you'll just have to read the books yourself! I live in a tiny village in the South East of England called Ridgewood. I am 17 years old and about 6'2. I have thick dark hair and "intense" dark eyes. I have a brother called Joe and a step brother called Ross (isn't this great? A whole load of rubbish you didn't want to know! *lol*). I am a creative type, but don't let put you off. I am also quite obsessive about things. I passed all 10 of my GCSE exams in the summer of '99 and got 4 A's too. My revision technique (NOT recommended) was to play Quake 2 and start a clan (SW) so I have no idea how I pulled off those marks! J;)
I have slightly odd heroes in life, namely Michael Caine (he's da man) and Dave Grohl. Michael Caine because he is a great actor and he was so damn cool in 'Get Carter' and Dave Grohl for continuing with his music after Kurt Cobain [Nirvana] shot himself (took guts in my opinion).
I enjoy writing although I do not publish my work.

Hobbies and Interest?

Did you not look at my site on the way here? *lol* Well if you didn't, my interests and hobbies are web-design, music, cow tipping, computers games and all that junk, wrestling (watching in on TV, no smutty jokes thank you... that's my department) and well, socialising! My favourite band is the Foo Fighters(!) and I have a large selection of obscure and rare Foo mp3s and videos on my computer at the moment as well as CDs and all that. I also like KoRn, the Fun Lovin' Criminals, Bush, Skunk Anansie, Stabbing Westward, Nirvana and oh, the list is lengthy but you get the gist of what I like.
Computer games wise, I like a mixed bag really. I like Quake 1 & 2, but think that Quake 3 Arena had so little longevity that its not even funny. Shame really... I love the first 2 Monkey Island games and they will always have a place in my collection. I started playing M. I. 1 on my old Amiga 500+ which was change screen, change disk, change screen, change disk, but it was all fun! I like all those games by LucasArts, Day of the Tentacle, Sam 'N' Max, Full Throttle (a little easy that one).
I also love the Resident Evil games, 1 & 3 more than 2 though. RE2 was just too damn short even though it was on 2 CDs and had 6 missions. I also really enjoyed Silent Hill, that was great. I am great fan of the Street Fighter and Tekken games. Oh yeah, and I really enjoyed Final Fantasy VII and VIII.

Favourite Quotes:

"Vae Victues" - Kain: Legacy of Kain
"The blood is the life..." - Dracula: Dracula
"Kudos my hero" - My Hero: Foo Fighters
"Oh well, whatever, nevermind" - Smells Like Teen Spirit: Nirvana
"Just call me Squinky" Guybrush Threepwood: The Secret of Monkey Island


Countless Quake 2 game skins
This odd web-site
SW's club site (
A few Quake 3 Arena game skins
My Mini-Mod "Save SW"
Cow Tip 2K (Flash game)
Monkeys + Gin (JavaScript game)
A few
Real JukeBox skins
A bunch of other crap

Favourite Web-sites:

BIOHAZARDextreme (Resident Evil site)