Licheloathe and Misha? Maybe...

I am not going to go into anything too revealing here, like showing the world her beautiful face or even giving you her name! If you want to get to know her go and talk to her, she's a nice girl and is polite and friendly! I can explain her screen-name though!

From the Necroscope and Vampire World sagas (by Brian Lumley), Nestor Licheloathe was madly in love with Misha Zanesti and the name seemed to fit.


I could spend a month going into reasons why I love her, but seeing as life is too short and somethings are private, I will simply say: She is the sweetest, most caring, most loving girl I have ever met and that is just the tip of the iceburg!

I saw you
It was incredible
Mumbled these words at you, unintelligable
Muh muh ma? Ma ma ma mum ma mar?!?