My Quake 2 Page

(Quake in fear because I am REAL bad at this game!)


Makes your head hurt don't it?

I met almost of all of my on-line friends in's Quake 2 lobby (I met my college buddies at college!) which is why I stayed there!

I do play Quake 2 sometimes, and when I do I usually play Rat-Bane and SW-WARLOCK but if our mutual buddy SW_Gunslinger is on we enjoy a slightly larger game! The best games we have are Team Deathmatch!! My partner is always the lovely Misha as we make a great team as well as a good couple! lol. During one of our many late nights, Rat-Bane and I devised the two greatest teams from the people we play. Here are the 2 v 2 teams:

420-LadyMaya and SW-Misha Vs Rat-Bane and SW - Licheloathe
(we would get SLAUGHTERED!)

And if we ever got to do a 4 v 4 or a good game of CTF then our team would be:

420-LadyMaya, SW-Misha, Rat-Bane and SW - Licheloathe!

You might now be thinking that Rat-Bane and I are pretty arrogant right now for putting ourselves into the teams but Rat-Bane and 420-LadyMaya make a great team and so do Misha and I!

Something that I am asked a lot is: What controls do you use? And if I am not busy or tired I will sometimes explain it to them!

My controls do NOT suit everyone! My controls suit
a) The size of my hands
b) The amount of space I have and
c) I am used to them!!!

These are my controls:

Keyboard -><-Mouse