Club SW's Temporary Web-Page


Club SW - Reborn in November, we have changed our attitudes towards the whole clan idea.
We are now a club, which basically means that we don't really care if you are a good player or care about a person's rank. Being a club is about not taking games seriously, having some laughs and getting to know your friends better. People page me asking: "Can I join your clan? I am really good" and they might be as good as John Carmack, but that does not matter to us. If we recuit somebody, it is because we like them and they have a good personality and a good attitude, not because they can hit a 100 frag limit in a game of CTF alone!
The different between 'club' and 'clan' was first shown to me by 12PK _ WILDMAN (a crazy redneck trucker no less) and we took his club's ideals and changed them to suit our own club. It is true that we have fought amongst ourselves and I am not the most patient club leader when somebody wrongs me or my friends, but thats what the club is to me, friends who like to chat and occasionally kill each other! Being good buddies in this way has made some good Death Match teams (when we can be bothered to play!) Our most memorable teams are, SW-DancingThief + Rat-Bane and SW-Misha + SW - Licheloathe (me, *lol*). Teams to look out for are:
SW-CelticWarrior + SW-WHITEDOVE (husband and wife team up!) and SW-yatahey + SW-Whalebone1 (the SW veterans!)

Club SW's Members

SW - Licheloathe - Leader/Founder

SW-Misha - Queen

SW BattleMage aka Rat-Bane - Mage

The Veterans...

SW-WHITEDOVE and SW-CelticWarrior


More member's pics to come when I get a chance.